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New releases as well as old time favorites • Partial MOVIE LIST

Watch 1000's of movies, TV shows, Documentaries and more!

I can give access to almost any movie which includes new releases. Stop paying movie rental prices once and for all. Never any returns. Watch the same movie as many times as you want or watch 20 movies a day. This is not a preview offer, this is the entire movie without commercials. 


Never drive to a movie rental vendor again. Think of the gas money you will save. 

As I already mentioned, you can watch the LATEST RELEASES or 100's of older movies or Classics. New and old TV shows from the past. Game shows, reality shows all the same stuff that's on all the networks right now. 


You might even consider canceling your cable. PLUS: if you have a DVD burner on your computer, you can download any movie, burn it and watch it later. 


The best part is, it's perfectly legal. You won't be breaking any laws. 

So think about it, how much do you spend on movie rentals, price of theater tickets, cable and the cost of gas. Is this offer worth $25? One time charge. That's all I'm asking to turn you on to a free movie experience. 


MOVIES NOW PLAYING: 10,000 BC, American Gangster, Semi-Pro, Vantage Point, 27 Dresses, Step Up 2, Jumper, The Spiderwick Chronicles, The Bank Job, Be Kind Rewind, Rambo just to name a few. New movies are added weekly.



If you're still interested please send me an email.


The only complaints I've had, people that have purchased this service are staying up all night watching movies.